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Court Reporter typing, scales of justice

Court Reporting

With a multitude of skilled court reporters, LH Reporting Services is dedicated to bringing you comprehensive litigation support. On any given day, our court reporters can be found in government agencies, law offices, courthouses and conference rooms in the NYC metropolitan area and around the country. Our network of court reporters is well versed across all scopes of litigation. 


LH Reporting Services' professional court reporters transcribe your depositions at a minimum speed of 225 words per minute with at least 95% accuracy, as required by the National Court Reporter’s Association (NCRA). Our court reporters also use the most up to date technology to supplement their expertise. 


  • RealTime Court Reporting Service: LH Reporting Services uses modern, fully computerized stenotypes, which are able to translate court reporting shorthand into Standard Written English instantly, so that those present may have immediate access to a witness’s recorded words. Realtime means instantaneous access. A live rough draft feed of the testimony transmitted directly from the reporter’s laptop to the attorney’s laptop .

  • Expedited Service: Generally, the transcripts from your deposition or court hearing will be available within 10 business days. However, if you need your transcript sooner, you can order expedited service any time of day.

       Next-Day Delivery: When you need your transcript ASAP, and you just can’t wait for a finalized, quotable transcript,              next-day delivery is the way to go.  By calling ahead and letting us know, we can match you up with a court reporter            who will be a perfect match for your needs.  Next-day delivery – no problem!

       We're only a phone call away.

  • Rough ASCII Drafts: We offer rough digital court transcripts (also known as ASCII’s or “dirty disks”) to those involved in the litigation process.  When you need the transcript fast but don’t need the final certified format, a Rough Draft is the perfect option.  It is the more cost effective than a finalized rush transcript and can be provided quickly depending on your needs.

       Do you need to review your deposition to prepare for the next day’s testimony? Our reporters will provide you with a            “rough ASCII” of the proceedings. A rough ASCII is a notepad version of the reporter’s notes before they have                    been proofed or compared to the audio from your deposition. This is particularly useful if you need to compare the              comments of the witness against your own notes in order to prepare for a continuation of the deposition, additional              witnesses or the next day of trial. You will still receive your certified deposition within the time frame you choose. By            ordering a rough draft at the end of the deposition, the parties involved can have faster access to witness testimony            at a lower cost than expedited service. 


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