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High Tech Communications

Welcome to the LH Gateway

The LH Gateway gives you access to:

  • Your Repository

  • Request, Re-schedule or Cancel jobs online

  • Your Calendar

  • Documents

  • Transcripts

  • Invoices

  • Ordering Transcripts/Videos

  • Scheduling a Deposition

  • Reserving Conference Rooms

  • On-line Bill Pay

  • Jobs: All scheduled jobs. You have the option to  view by selected date, case name, attorney, or job number. Also edit, cancel, or put a job back on calendar.

  • Calendar: View scheduled jobs in a calendar format.

  • Transcripts: List all case transcripts available for viewing or download.

  • Schedule: Schedule jobs as well as use drop-down information for specific cases. Great for rapidly booking multiple depositions.

  • Reports: Generate electronic or printed reports of deposition activity.

  • Invoices: View all billing by date, case name, attorney, or job number.

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