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Use the LH Reporting Online Repository to instantly access your transcripts,
hyperlinked exhibits, calendar and invoices anywhere you are.

Access Your On-Line Repository

The REPOSITORY is the area within the system where all of your documents and/or images are stored. These documents can be directly associated with specific jobs if desired. 


The search feature will allow you to find repository items based upon Firm, Deposition, Case Style or Word.

A simple, easy-to-use secure repository is complimentary for all of our clients.


Accessing your transcripts and exhibits from anywhere in the world has never been easier.




  • Locate a project by searching by project name or case number field

  • Search by the meta data (title, date, bates number, etc.) of transcripts and exhibits

  • Sort by each of the columns for transcripts and exhibits

  • Track the hyperlinks between transcripts and exhibits and jump to their locations

  • View exhibits (image files, documents, PDFs)

  • Modify on-screen properties of exhibits for optimal viewing

  • Utilize the Hyperlinked Word Index and full text searching on transcripts

  • Apply annotations, color-coded issues, and comments

  • Print transcripts and exhibits directly from the Web browser interface

If you are scheduling within 24 hours please contact our office.

Attorneys & Staff

Follow this tutorial to learn how to access the repository.

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